Everybody on the Truck (book)


The Story of the Darlins

NEW, UPDATED, AND BACK IN PRINT – “Everybody on the Truck” is the story of The Dillards, detailing their formation, their early days performing all over Missouri, their later migration to California, and how they ended up bringing bluegrass to mainstream America and in the process becoming the most-viewed bluegrass band in history (via their beloved appearances as “The Darlings” on The Andy Griffith Show).

You’ll also learn more about how The Dillards found themselves on the leading edge of the new “Country Rock” music genre, which quickly found a mainstream audience as new artists and bands like Elton John, The Eagles, The Byrds, and Buffalo Springfield took this new music to millions of people across the globe (as they all credited The Dillards for inspiration).

Ultimately The Dillards became one of the only groups in history to be featured in 3 major Halls of Fame at the same time:  The Bluegrass Hall of Fame, The Bill Monroe Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame, and The Country Music Hall of Fame (via special focused exhibit).

This book is an UPDATED version of a previous release, with content bringing the book up-to-date into 2023, the final lyrics to “The Songs That Made Charlene Cry,” lots of NEW pictures, and a new afterword by the wife of the still-performing Rodney Dillard: Beverly Cotten-Dillard.

Autographed by Rodney Dillard who was a special contributor to this compilation.