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“Earthman” available now

Rodney Dillard is excited to bring The Dillards’ new song “Earthman” to radio and music downloading services everywhere.  Earthman is the perfect song for this challenging time in our history because it reminds us that we are all in this together – there are always peaks and valleys but the important thing is to unite as human beings.

“We are all on this Earth facing the same challenge and this song reminds us that what really matters is mankind’s search for love, truth, and peace,” Dillard said of the track’s debut.  He continued, “We’re all Earthmen, we’re all passing through, trying to get by, trying to make our way, to keep our family safe, to look out for our neighbors, and ultimately to understand that all of us are in this life and on this planet together.”

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A complete compilation of every song, melody or poem from America's favorite hometown. I must have for every Mayberry fan... Rodney Dillard

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NEW ALBUM …. on the way!!!

 The Dillards have been in the studio in Nashville with multi-Grammy award winner, legendary Bil Vorndick producing their new cd. Along with Dillards, Rodney, Beverly, George Giddens, Tony Wray, and Gary Smith…. several friends joined in to make this the bookend to the Dillard’s famous Wheatstraw Suite. Notably was the return of former Dillard, Herb Pederson whose harmony vocals with Rodney produced that infamous “Dillard Sound”…..the rest of the story as the say will be told upon the upcoming release of this project on a major label..STAY TUNED

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