A Long Time Ago (The First Time Live!)



Varese’s First Time Live compiles 16 live performances recorded in 1962 by the original lineup of the seminal bluegrass band. As should be expected, this is a gem in the rough, capturing the band as they’re finding their distinctive voice. Even though this music was recorded within the band’s first year of existence, the band is still surprisingly assured, yet their very newness keeps this fresh, vital, and exciting. A priceless dip into the vaults that’s sure to thrill diehard Dillards fans.

1. John Hardy
2. Old Man at the Mill
3. Green Corn
4. Katie Cline
5. Banjo in the Hollow
6. Old Blue
7. Buckin' Mule
8. Hard, Ain't It Hard
9. Travelin' Dobro Blues
10. Ground Hog
11. Cripple Creek
12. Little Maggie
13. Cannon Ball Blues
14. Watermelon on the Vine
15. White House Blues
16. Cumberland Gap